About this site

This site was orginally created in 2014, but is now evolving and expanding. Find out more about its existing contents and our future plans.

This website was originally created as our contribution to national and international commemorations of the centenary of the First World War. It explored the war from the perspective of 30 banks that existed at that time and went on to become part of today's NatWest Group.

It is now (2020-21) being expanded to include information about the Second World War.

  • The section on banking in wartime offers article pages exploring a wide range of topics connected with the First World War and its legacy.  
  • Case studies explores the wartime experiences of a range of individual bank employees in the First and Second World Wars, including men who served or died, their relatives and their colleagues.
  • Our Fallen provides a searchable database of our 1,582 colleagues who died in the First World War. Gradually, during 2020-21, we are adding details of another 950 colleagues who died in the Second World War. 
  • Our war memorials introduces our war memorials and how we care for them. Later in 2020, a database will be added providing details of each memorial, its content and location.