Aftermath and legacy

The impact of the First World War did not end with the Armistice in 1918; the after-effects were far-reaching and long-lasting.

Armistice day, 11 November 1918

After four terrible years, the end of hostilities was a cause for celebration.

Preparing for the return of peace

Even after the First World War ended, there were many challenges still to be faced.

Demobilisation and returning to work

After the First World War ended, the complicated process of demobilisation began.

The bank amalgamation movement

As banks looked towards the future, they anticipated a need for fewer, larger banks.

Wounded staff in the aftermath of war

Many men were left with lasting injuries and illnesses resulting from their wartime service.

Caring for children of the Fallen

Banks and bankers were keen to provide for dependants of colleagues who had died in war.

The First World War generation - later lives

Those who fought in the First World War were a unique generation. Their experiences affected the rest of their lives.

The banking legacy of First World War

Many features of banking today can be traced back to the war years and their immediate aftermath.