London Threadneedle Street Office and Trustee Department

War memorial details

Bank: Westminster Bank

War: Second World War

Original location: London Threadneedle Street Office and Trustee Department

Current location: Held in the bank's archives



In memory of the following members of the staff of this branch who gave their lives in the Second World War 1939-1945:

Thomas W Barker | Ronald J Barrett | Ralph T Brown | James R Bullock | Henry J Chapman | Alfred E Cox | Howard G Cross | Eric P Hibbs | Roger B Jarvie | Richard J Jarvis | Ian D Kesterton | Albert P Kitcherside | Howard Moren | Stanley Morris | Alan Nunn | Bernard A O'Halloran | Lionel E S Salt | Cecil R F Shackell | Harold Shaw | Charles Smith | John E Turnham | Anthony De Q Went