Williams Deacon's Bank head office

War memorial details

Bank: Williams Deacon's Bank

War: First World War

Original location: Williams Deacon's Bank head office, Mosley Street, Manchester

Current location: Hardman Boulevard office, Manchester


This memorial is in an area not normally accessible to members of the public. Please contact us for more information.



Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd

These members of the staff gave their lives while serving their King and Country in the Great War


Bolton E Cotton 2nd Lieut Royal Air Force Presumed Killed in Action

Bolton H Rostron Sergt 1/5th Loyal N Lancs Killed in Action

Bolton F Shippobottom 2nd Lieut 1/4th LN Lancs / Died of wounds

Brompton J P Hodges 2nd Lieut 6th Bn Kings O Scott Bdrs Presumed Killed in Action

Bury D Askew Pte 26th (Bankers) Bn R Fusiliers Killed in Action

Charing Cross P J Evans Pte 22nd Bn Royal Fusiliers Died of wounds

Charing Cross P H Widgery Lieut 21 BN Middlesex Regt Killed in Action

Chesterfield C Tomlinson L/Cpl 10th Div Signal Corps R E Died on Active Service

Chorley B Thompson Cpl Royal West Kent Regt Killed in Action

Chorlton under Medlock E R Ashworth 2nd Lieut Machine G Corps Killed in Action

Fleetwood J H F Deane Pte 19th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers Killed in Action

Gorton A N T Turner Pte 20 (service) Bn R Fusiliers Died of Wounds

Leigh F W Pigot Pte 1/8th BN Manchester Regt Killed in Action

London P E Luckock Pte 26th Bn Ryl Fusiliers Died in Hospital

London H F Pocock Cpl Qn Victorias Rifles Killed in Action

London J A Solly Pte 1/9th Bn County of London Rgt Died of Wounds

London R S H Still 2nd Lieut 28th (Attd 9th) Ryl Fusiliers Presumed Killed in Action

Manchester Messenger J Arnold Chief Petty Officer HMS Renown Died on Active Service

Manchester G Elliot PTE 20th (Service) Bn Ryl Fusiliers Killed in Action

Manchester R Woodhall Pte 5th Bn Manchester Regt Killed in Action

Manchester G F Wright Cpl 23rd Bn Royal Fusiliers Presumed Killed in Action

Marylebone A S Ford Rfmn Queens Westminster Rifles Killed in Action

Marylebone J S Henwood Rfn 12th Co of London (Rangers) Reported Killed in Action

1914 – 1918

Marylebone C M Hughman Capt 8th Bn Middlesex Regt Killed in Action

Matlock J F Aitken 2nd Lieut 1/6th Bn Lancs Fuslrs Killed in Action

Ormskirk L Neri Pte 1/4th Bn Loyal N Lancs Regt Killed in Action

Preston E H Moulden Pte 1st Ryl Highlanders Bk Watch Presumed Killed in Action

Preston J N Robinson 2nd Lieut Lancs Fusiliers Killed in Action

Rochdale J A Vessey Lieut Royal Flying Corps Accidently killed flying

Rotherham R W Boulton Bdr A Bty 165th Brigade RFA Killed in Action

Rotherham H Boardman DCM 2nd Lieut Royal Marine LI Accidentally killed

Rotherham W B Clarkson 2nd Lt 2nd York & Lancs Died on Active Service (Gas poisoning)

Rotherham S W Knowles Pte 8th Bn Durham Lifgt Infy Died in Hospital France

Rotherham R L Williams L/Cpl 10 Sherwood F (Notts & Derby) Died of Wounds

Rotherham G H Wordsworth L/Cpl 26th Bn Middlesex Regt Died on Active Service

Smithfield H Mason Pte 51st (Grad) Bn Royal Fusiliers Died in Hospital

Southport J V White Capt 20th BN Manchester Regt Killed in Action

St Ann Street E W Phibbs Drvr 907 Co Motor Transpt RASC Drowned at sea

St Ann Street J S Radford Pte Shropshire Yry (Attd 1st Cheshires) Presumed Killed in Action

St Helens H D Winter L/Cpl Border Regt Killed in Action

St Mary Axe H C Wookey Cpl 51st Royal Sussex (Att 1st RWK) Killed in Action

Strangeways R N Trafford Pte 2nd Northants Regt Killed in Action

Westminster A B Penn Rflmn 9th Bn Rifle Brigade Killed in Action

Whitworth St E J Bradford A B Royal Naval Division Killed in Action