Commercial Bank of Scotland head office

War memorial details

Bank: Commercial Bank of Scotland

War: First World War

Original location: Commercial Bank of Scotland head office, George Street, Edinburgh

Current location: Royal Bank of Scotland, 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh


This memorial is in the form of two large panels, facing each other across a corridor.



In memory of these brave men, members of the staff of The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd


Alex G Abbot 5th Seaforth Highlanders | James G Allan 2nd Royal Scots | Arthur Arthur 7th Gordon Highlanders | Capt John R Ashcroft MC 4th Scottish Rifles | Ernest A Bailey 4th Royal Scots | James A Balfour 8th A & S Highlanders | 2nd Lieut H D Barbour Royal Flying Corps | Harold W Barclay 2nd Royal Scots | Robin A Barr 9th Highland Light Infantry | Frank Black Machine Gun Corps | George D B Brydson 7th Scottish Rifles | James Brown 1st Cameron Highlanders | 2nd Lieut James H Byres 13th Royal Scots | James Y Caldwell Machine Gun Corps | Fred Callander 10th A & S Highlanders | William A Cameron 7th Cameron Highlanders | James Campbell 8th A & S Highlanders | 2nd Lieut William D Davidson Royal Air Force | Thomas D Dewar 9th Royal Fusiliers | Richard Dinwoodie 1st KOSB | Thomas A Dougall 9th Royal Scots | Gordon Douglas 2nd Highland Light Infantry | William R Douglas  Army Ordnance Corps | Thomas T Drummond 4th Royal Scots | Harry Duckitt 1st Scottish Rifles | David A Dunbar 6th Seaforth Highlanders | 2nd Lieut James B Elliott RS Attd Scottish Rifles | 2nd Lieut A M Gardiner 12th A & S Highlanders | Andrew Glen 6th Royal Berkshire Regiment | Robert Goodall Tank Corps | Samuel Goodwin 11th Royal Scots | John Parker Gourlay 2nd Royal Scots | Ian Dalgleish Gowan 9th Royal Scots | Alexander B Graham 2nd Scots Guards | Captain Robert L Hannah MC 12th HLI | Thos S Happer L & B Horse Attd 2nd Dragoons | Archibald B L Harley 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry | Andrew S Henderson 14th A & S Highlanders | Major M W Henderson 9th Black Watch | William Henderson 1st KOSB | John W Hendry 1st Cameron Highlanders | James Hutcheson 5th Scottish Rifles | 2nd Lieut James Valentine Johnstone 15th HLI | 2nd Lieut M Keith 8th East Yorkshire Regiment | Hugh Kelly 7th Black Watch | Thomas Kempton 14th A & S Highlanders | William Kerr 6th Seaforth Highlanders | David W Kilpatrick 2nd Gordon Highlanders | William Hill Laing 9th Royal Scots | Marshall Lee 4th Royal Scots


Who gave their lives for their country in the Great War, 1914-1918


In proud memory of these brave men, members of the staff of The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd


2nd Lieut George Lindsay 5th Royal Scots | John C Loraine Royal Marine Light Infantry | B F Meiklejohn Seaforth Highlanders Attd Machine Gun Corps | Adam Millar 7th A & S Highlanders | Lieut C W Strettell-Miller 7th RS Attd Machine Gun Corps | 2nd Lieut E R More 3rd Gordon Highlanders | William Morrison 2nd Gordon Highlanders | 2nd Lieut Sinclair Mowat Royal Flying Corps | 2nd Lieut H W Munro 7th A & S Highlanders | James D C McAdie 2nd Royal Scots | John Rae McDavid 6th Black Watch | John Robertson Macfarlane 13th Royal Scots | John McGill 8th A & S Highlanders | Lieutenant David Stuart MacGregor VC 6th Royal Scots Attd Machine Gun Corps | William A MacKintosh 10/11th Highland Light Infy | Ian D MacLennan 5th Seaforth Highlanders | Malcolm MacPhee 2nd A & S Highlanders | Christopher MacRae 1st Seaforth Highlanders | Alexander Nicolson Royal Garrison Artillery | James Paris Tank Corps | James E Paterson 6th KOSB | James H Robinson 6th Seaforth Highlanders | William Rollo 7th Cameron Highlanders | Colin Philip Sellar 4th Gordon Highlanders | Alexander F Sellars 5th Seaforth Highlanders | John Scott 7th Cameron Highlanders | Henry R K Sharp 5th Royal Scots Attd 5th KOYLI | Donald R Simpson 7th Cameron Highlanders | Ralph Mckay Smith 12th HLI | Capt Sydney Smith 3rd East Surrey Regiment | 2nd Lieut John G Speedie 15th Royal Scots | Cuthbert Stewart 5th Gordon Highlanders | Walter A Stewart 6th A & S Highlanders | Major W Stewart 4th Royal Scots Fusiliers | Lieut George R Swan 8th A & S Highlanders | Capt C Thomson MC 2nd East Lancs Regiment | John S Thomson 17th Royal Scots | Emile L R Tissot 7th A & S Highlanders | Thomas Tough 16th HLI | Peter Travers 6th Gordon Highlanders | James Wallace 26th Royal Fusiliers | 2nd Lieut W E Watson 7th Kings Liverpool Regt | Robert D Watt 4th Royal Scots | John C Wilkinson 8th Black Watch | Alexander Wilson 7th Cameron Highlanders | George S Wilson 9th Royal Scots | Robert D Wilson 15th A & S Highlanders | Francis Wood 11th Royal West Kent Regt | Robert Young 4th Seaforth Highlanders


Who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914-1918